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Dion Nijland - CD Release - I PLAY ME - Bimuis Amsterdam -

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

It started with a casual txt conversation with the amazing Michael from Black Diamond Orchestra where he asked if the Bimhuis is still holding improv shows. To my delight I checked the upcoming gigs and was super excited to see that Dutch Bassist Dion Nijland had a solo show later that week. Within minutes tickets were purchased.

The Bimhuis is an incredible venue, just walking towards it builds anticipation, I was really looking forward to this gig and it didn't disappoint. A solo bass show is a tough thing to pull off and not for the feint hearted but Dijon masterfully took the the crowd through various sonic landscapes ranging from beautiful ambient arco where his obvious expertise dazzled the audience through to full grove pizzicato.

Dion communicated with grace and humour and my full respect goes out to this amazing musician. Follow this link to find out more about I PLAY ME plus all his previous releases.

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