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  • Valerios Calocerinos

Busking In Sydney

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

I love busking with a double bass. There is something really free about playing on the streets, especially when I'm improvising. For me improvising is a way of releasing innermost feelings, bare and naked for everyone to experience, a way of opening up, and in front of passing strangers it can take a level of courage (for me anyway) to find that confidence and let it loose on everyone.

Of course, most people don't know this and just think "wow, a guy with a double bass". But there are times when people stop, and I know they can also feel it, and for those brief moments we are caught up in that weird matrix of art that connects some of us. It's nice. it's human, it's satisfying and makes me feel like the objective of being a musician has been met.

Of course I don't just improvise, but for me, that's my indulgence.

I recently hit the streets with a drummer I met - Nick - and we played some great music in the tunnel at Central and in front of the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre.

A BIG THANK YOU to the guy in the Nun outfit who pulled up on a pushbike, gave me $20 while I was unpacking my bass, and said "that's just for the effort of bringing that thing out here". Thanks buddy really appreciated.

I will be in Newcastle doing the same late December.

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